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Welcome to Conques, one of the historical “Great Sites of France” and well worth the visit to anyone passing through the region.  I find Conques very relaxing and peaceful, due perhaps to the spiritual history of Conques as a pilgrimage site honoring its Saint Foy, literally Saint Faith (think Santa Fe).  Saint Faith was a young girl martyred during the Roman persecutions for refusing to proclaim faith through pagan sacrifices. While she was originally from nearby Agen, the monks of the Abbey in Conques stole the religious relics that surrounded her history and enshrined them in Conques.  Followed by several convenient miracles, this led to Conques developing as a major pilgrimage site continuing even to this day.  The village itself, perched on the hillside in the Lot Valley, is simple and quite beautiful with its multi-colored stonework and cobblestone streets. The commune has a site for more tourist information about Conques and there are also some wonderful high resolution Quicktime panoramic photos of the Abbey

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